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Polywest Sleeves


For HD-Flexo Printing.
The POLYWEST-Sleeve-Technology offers longevity and highest levels of performance. In combination with the POLYWEST-RUBIN®- surface it adds up to maximum longevity and repeatable results.

Product features

Print Circumference
  • Plate mounting Sleeves for all repeat ranges
Printing Quality

Barrier Layer – a technically advanced well-tested construction for long-term use:

  • Outstanding form stability
  • Highly accurate parallelism and diameterser
  • Long lasting results with permanent repeatable print parameters
Practical Implementation
  • Solid and lightweight structure of the RUBIN+ Sleeve through firm support construction
  • Ultra-lightweight structure of the RUBIN® PREMIUM Sleeve through robust construction and protected face sides
  • Over many years proven and tested POLYWEST-RUBIN®-surface

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