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Polybridge Mount

Products for special usage:
Time-tested combination of different composite materials

With the POLYBRIDGE adapters, Polywest offers a product series of high-quality adapters for special areas of application. POLYBRIDGE SOFT the adapter with compressible Softcoat surface especially for thin and classic ITR Sleeves. POLYBRIDGE MOUNT the first-class and durable mounting adapter is the master of your plate mounting department. POLYBRIDGE LASER proven and with a durable Rubin-surface or simply put: the favorite of your prepress department.

  • The first-class, long-lasting mounting adapter for an attractive price
  • Durable and wear-resistant carbon surface
  • Easy and quick sleeve mounting
  • Optional silent flow technology
  • POLYBRIDGE MOUNT – The master of your plate mounting department

Product features


Length 250 mm – 2500 mm (DIN ISO 2768 T1 m)

Format length Bis 2100 mm

Wall thickness 4,7 mm – 50 mm

Special sizes on request

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