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Polycarbon Hydraulic

Polycarbon Hydraulic

Unique Polywest construction made of high-quality carbon fibers and multiple layer structure for long-term use.

With the POLYCARBON adapters, Polywest offers a three-stage system for flexographic printing. All POLYCARBON
adapters have a wear-resistant and robust carbon surface that, in addition to vibration dampening, also withstands
frequent handling or sleeve changes. Polywest develops and qualifies its adapters in cooperation with well-known
leading machine manufacturers in order to meet the quality standards and expectations of OEMs and packaging

  • Extremely smooth printing at maximum machine speed
  • High performance carbon surface made by Polywest
  • Proven hybrid technology in combination with steel discs
  • Excellent printing performance through multi-layer structure
  • Manufactured on original hydraulic shafts from OEMs

Product features


Adapter length 250 mm – 2500 mm (DIN ISO 2768 T1 m)

Format length Bis 2100 mm

Wall thickness 15,9 mm – 150 mm

Special sizes on request

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